Friday 10 February 2023

MTTC #501 Theme is Vintage or Shabby Chic

  Welcome! MTTC's Theme #501 is about style of elements--Vintage or Shabby Chic.

For vintage, think at least 50 years or prior to 1973.

For shabby chic think large cabbage roses, lace, doilies, beadboard, distressed paint, chenille bedspreads, etc.


Competition runs from February 10-23, 2023 with start and end times at 12:00am CT/Chicago and 6:00am UK.


Our worldwide design team has found time to craft these fabulous inspiration projects:


Mags B






 (postcard is postmarked 1909!!!; purchased at an antique/resale shop in my community for 80 cents!!)

Thanks ladies for these distinctively styled creative projects!


Now it's your turn to find time to craft! Bragging rights of a Top 3 or 5 are possible. Each participant can submit up to 3 new themed projects for this challenge. 

Use this Inlinkz tool address for your submissions=



Have a creatively productive fortnight!

--from My Time To Craft's design team 

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