Friday 21 April 2023

MTTC #506 Theme is Fantasy Creatures/Characters

 Welcome! MTTC's Theme #506 is Fantasy. 

Some possibilities for you to explore creatively are: dragons, mermaids, wizards, witches, vampires, unicorns, Yeti/Bigfoot/Sasquatch, angels, gnomes, elves, trolls, fairies, etc. You are not limited to these but this gives you a range of ideas. 

Competition runs April 21-May 4, 2023 with start and end times of 12:00am CT/Chicago and 6:00am UK. 

Bragging rights are possible for a Top 3 or Top 5. Each participant can enter up to 3 new themed projects per challenge.


Our worldwide design team has found time to craft these magical creations showing fairies, gnomes, dragon,:

DT Granmargaret=


DT Alyson=



DT Helen=


DT Becca=


DT Meena=


(taking a break)

DT María=

Thanks, gals, for FAB fantasy card creations for #506!


Use this Inlinkz tool address to submit your 1-3 entries of new themed creations between April 21-May 4, 2023. 



Making time to craft all year long,

MTTC challenge blog design team
***DT CALL***

We immediately need 1 or 2 craft bloggers to join My Time To Craft and My Time to Craft Christmas challenge blogs. 

If you join both, these 2 alternate Friday mornings with new theme posts/challenges. You will be assigned 1 or 2 numbers to comment on. Top 3/Top 5 is part of DT member rotation. Each DT member also gets to make theme suggestions for 2 challenges per blog twice each year. 

If interested, please contact Becca =


MTTC #505 Top 5 Picks out of 51 submissions

 My Time To Craft's #505 Top 5 Picks Announcement

#505 ended at 12am midnight CST/Chicago or 6am UK on Thursday, April 20.

#506 new theme will launch at 12am CST or 6am UK on April 21.


Congrats to these 5 incredible craft artisans:

Pamela D, Mary M, Bridget C, Deanne S, and Emma T!!!


Our bragging rights badge for Top 5 Picks recognition:


Here's a pictorial summary of the amazing mix of Easter flower cards and spring flower cards that were picked to be honored by DT/manager Becca. It was Meena's turn but she's on a medical leave from the team. (DT Call)

In reverse order of entry:

#40 Emma T=

#34 Deanne S=

#24 Bridget C=

#18 Mary Marsh=

#13 Pamela Duncan=

Thanks gals for your marvelous artistry and sharing with us at MTTC from April 7-20, 2023!


There were 51 submissions! Thanks to everyone who supported MTTC during this fortnight challenge.

Remember to go to our sister blog, My Time To Craft Christmas that has 1 more week for its theme "Christmas Quote". This is pretty easy as most sentiments/messages for Christmas or winter wishes cards will work. Also lines from Christmas songs, carols, story books, movies, poems will work. 

Check the MTTC blog sidebar for a link to MTTCC.


My Time To Craft Challenge Blog's Design Team


#506 theme will be launched in 3.5 hours from now!!!

It's a fun topic! Make sure to check it out!

Friday 7 April 2023

MTTC #505 Theme is Easter Flowers or Spring Flowers

  Welcome! MTTC's #505 Theme is Easter Flowers or Spring Flowers!

Whether it's religious Easter or secular Easter flowers or spring season flowers, Theme 505 celebrates Easter Holiday and Spring season. Lilies, tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, peonies, and more. What's in your area for April 2023?

You get to decide if you will use an Easter sentiment or not...otherwise flowers need to be on your card.

Competition runs April 7-20, 2023 with start and end times at 12:0am CT/Chicago and 6:00am UK.

Bragging rights are possible for Top 3 (1-40 entries) or Top 5 (41+).


Our worldwide design team has found time to craft fabulous Easter or Spring Flowers inspiration projects=

DT Granmargaret=


with Easter flowers

DT Alyson=


Alyson with spring flowers

Alyson with Easter flowers

DT Helen=

taking a short break

DT Becca=


with spring flowers

and with Easter flowers

DT Meena=


(taking a break)


DT Maria=


(will be back for the next challenge)

Thanks ladies for awesome Easter or Spring Flowers' cards for theme #505!


Now it is time for our readers to craft 1-3 new themed Easter/spring floral creations for #505!
Use this Inlinkz tool address to submit your entries=



If interested in joining our team, send your letter of interest to: Becca

Making time to craft all year long,

MTTC design team: Granmargaret, Alyson, Helen, Becca, Maria and Meena.

Thursday 6 April 2023

MTTC #504 Top 5 Picks Announcement for 70 submissions

Top 5 Picks Announcement for MTTC #504:

Springtime theme

March 24-April 6, 2023

Congratulations to these 5 very talented craft artisans: Ans G, Elizabeth H, Trijntje, Melanie H, and Donna W. !!

Please copy and paste our bragging rights badge on your personal crafting blogs!


Rotation for Top 5 Picks goes to DT Alyson for #504 Springtime theme=

There were an amazing 70 submissions with many craft artisans entering more than 1 project during the 13 days of competition.

We had to open a 2nd link-up to get them all, so we are super excited and also very thankful!

Alyson has picked 3 entries from the 1st link-up and 2 entries from the 2nd link-up:

in # order by link-up:

1st link #11 by Donna W.

1st link #32 by Melanie H.

1st link #39 by Trijntje

2nd link #4 by Elizabeth H.

2nd link #7 by Ans G.

All of the cards were beautiful and it was a very difficult decision process for Alyson. Congrats to these 5 recognized craft artisans for their amazing creations!


Stay tuned for Theme #505 to be released in less than 7 hours, very early on Friday April 7th.


Finding time to recognize wonderful crafting creations,

MTTC's design team