Thursday 17 November 2022

MTTC #494 Theme is Critters

  Welcome to MTTC's Theme of Critters

--Creatures Great or Small--

Whether it's turkeys and other farm animals for Thanksgiving cards, mouse or moose or manger animals for Christmas Nativity cards or whatever other animal captures your creative inspiration at this time of year, have at least 1 animal on your submitted project. 

Competition runs from November 4-17, 2022 with start and end times at 12am Central Time/Chicago or 6am UK (just 2 time references to help you). 


Let's check in with the Design Team to see what they found time to craft for the critters theme:


Mags B

Card 1

Card 2


Becca S


Thanks gals for these marvelously creative cards to spark inspiration! We didn't plan to all go non-holiday with this theme. It just happened to work out this way!! :)


1st time participants please read the challenge rules before submitting your 1st entry. 

All participants: bragging rights of Top 3 or 5 are possible if you submit 1-3 new themed projects for this challenge. 


NOTE: If you're submitting after 9pm Central Time Nov 16, the 50 entry limit has been reached so place your blog link in the comments for me to visit. Deadline is 12am Central Time Nov 17. 


Making time to craft,

the MTTC design team and blog owner, Shell S. 

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