Tuesday 4 October 2022

MTTC #491 Theme is Pick 3 or more Autumn Colors

  MTTC #491 Theme is Autumn Colors Pick 3

from this list, select 3 (or more) to showcase on your project:

red, chocolate brown, beige/tan/kraft, yellow, orange, purple, green, and/or black!

September 23 to October 6, 2022

Competition start and end times are the same for both dates: 6am UK or 12am CST/Chicago.

Let's all find time to craft projects using 3 (or more) Autumn Colors!

DT inspiration projects:


used browns, greens, orange, red, black

Mags B

Card 1

Green, brown, purple, red, orange, yellow.

Card 2

Green, tan, yellow, red, purple.

Becca (card 1= beige, yellow, green)

Becca (card 2= some greens, some yellows, a little brown, a little black, and a sprinkling of red)

Meenaa Herale 

Thanks so much MTTC design team for your colorful autumnal creations!

Now it your turn to find time to craft theme #491 projects and get them linked up!

Use the provided Inlinkz tool address before October 6, 2022. Each participant can enter 3 new themed projects per challenge.

LINK #1 is FULL!!! 10/3/2022--DO NOT USE=


LINK #2 is OPEN!!!! 10/3/2022 after 10pm CT/Chicago--please use this up until 12am CT/Chicago October 6, 2022. THANKS for SUPPORTING MTTC!!!




Counting our readers and participants as blessings,

the MTTC design team and owner, Shell S.


Diane Louise J said...

Hello... not sure why, but I am unable to add my card via the link.
Would you be able to add it for me please...


Thanks very much
Diane Louise xx

Becca Sadler said...

Inlinkz had reached its limit, so I've added a 2nd link address to be open from 10pm CT/Chicago Monday night 10/3/2022 until 12 am CT/Chicago Thursday 10/6/2022. Thank you everyone for your support and persistence!