Friday, 20 May 2022

MTTC #482 Thank You Occasion Theme Challenge

MTTC #482 = Thank You Occasion theme

May 20-June 2, 2022

Who do want to thank? a teacher, a secretary, a janitor, a bus driver, a co-worker, a professor, a boss, etc.

Competition starts at 12am Central time/Chicago or 6am UK for 2 time references on Friday May 20, 2022 and will end at 12am Central time/Chicago or 6am UK on Thursday June 2, 2022. Bragging rights for Top 3 are possible with your entry. Each crafter can submit 3 new projects per challenge theme, so consider crafting more than 1. 

The design team has found time to craft a fantastic assortment of appreciation cards:


Mags B card 1

Mags B card 2

Becca (card 1)

Becca (card 2)


Participation in #482 Thank You theme starts May 20th and ends June 2nd. Starting and stopping times are the same for both dates (6am UK or 12am Central time USA/Chicago; other places please adjust accordingly). 

Use this Inlinkz tool address to submit your card photo/blog link to be considered for our Top 3 bragging rights badge. 



We are grateful for our blog following participants! 

If you have time to craft Christmas, our sister blog MTTCC is halfway through its current challenge #34 sleds and/or sleighs theme. Its #35 theme will start May 27th. Please take time to check that out. There is a MTTCC link located in the sidebar of this blog to help you locate it.

On behalf of blog owner, Shell S, the current DT members value your support and hope enjoyed viewing our inspiration projects for this theme. 

Helen, Granmargaret, Meena, Mags, Becca


MTTC #481 Top 3 Picks Announcement

 MTTC's #481 Top 3 Picks Announcement

Theme was "Around The House". We had 12 entries and what a diverse approach to the theme from each one. It's so fun to see the creative techniques and interpretations other crafters have to a topic! The challenge ended at 12am Central Time/6am UK at start of Thursday, May 19th.

Meena's not able to pick Top 3, so I/Becca will be taking this round. The variety of projects were so unique it was difficult to narrow to three. 

In order of submitted entry, the Top 3 are=

# 2 Roberta (Edgar Allen Poe statue, candle, and other items in the vignette)

#3 Nik1 (chess game pieces themed card)

#10 Ma-Mi (CAS style with stamped and colored vase with palm leaf)

Congratulations to these 3 crafters and a heartfelt appreciation to the other 9 artisans. 

This is the Top 3 MTTC badge for Roberta, Nik, and Ma-Mi to place on their blogs!=

MTTC's #482 Theme Challenge will start in less than 2 hours! We hope to see you there during the 13 days-14 days of competition (May has 31 days so there's an extra day of participation this time!!). 

On behalf of the DT crew and owner Shell S,

Becca S

Friday, 6 May 2022

MTTC #481 Theme is Around The House

 MTTC #481 = Around the House theme

May 6-19, 2022

Competition start and end times on the above dates are 6am UK or 12am CST/Chicago, so adjust accordingly wherever you are in the world. 

Note: think of celebrating moms for Mother's Day or dads for Father's Day; sipping tea or lemonade on the porch, enjoying a porch swing, reading a book, vase of flowers sitting on a table, a quilt hanging,  new home congrats, etc. Hundreds...thousands of possibilities!

Let's all find time to craft a project that features something around the house.

The design team has been creatively brilliant and resourceful with their inspiration projects!: 

Mags B card 1

Mags B card 2




 card 1= new home congrats

card 2= Mother's Day; used mirror house shape; used a decorative paper clip

card 3= pet cat in a paper bag focal image has been upcycled 


(Collaged Mix Media Name Board for Home)

new home congrats

Wow!! Kitchen appliance, reading chairs, snuggling with a quilt, door knockers, new home wishes, pets, home library, and household supplies and equipment like the broom, vacuum cleaner, and paper clip show that there are many topics in this broad theme. 

What will you find time to craft for #481?

Come and join the creative venture at MTTC for May 6 to May 19, 2022!

Use the Inlinkz address tool for submitting your card's photo/blog link. The entries for this address will automatically stop at 50 entries. I (Becca) as temporary manager will monitor submissions and will edit in a 2nd link address if it is needed before the May 19th deadline.


Best wishes. Bragging rights are possible. Top 3 picks for #480 announcement post was made a few hours ago. We had just 6 entries that were all amazing. The #480 theme was features outside the house like fences, gates, arbors, trellises, walls, sheds, etc. So this time we focus on the house and what's inside. It's a great time as we celebrate our parents, graduates, bringing in those May flowers to enjoy inside, baking cookies, cupcakes, and cakes for special events, etc. 

Let's find time to craft "Around The House"!

--the MTTC owner Shell S and the design team

MTTC #480 Top 3 Announcement

 Top 3 Picks for MTTC #480 Announcement

Competition ended at 12am CST/Chicago or 6am UK times earlier today on Thursday, May 5, 2022. 

#480 theme was a bit unique asking for projects to show outdoor property markings. We had 6 wonderful entries. Everyone's interpretations were wonderful. Three with fences. One with a wall and a shed. One with a trellis and brick wall. One with a combination of fence, gate, and arbor. 

DT member Becca/me has had a difficult decision to narrow but have selected a Top 3.

Congratulations to these crafters: in order of submission=

#2 Katrina B (wall and shed on her card for her uncle)

#4 Aimeslee (trellis and brick wall)

#6 Elizabeth H (fence and a row of stones with gnomes resting next to trees)

These were terrific scenes and the other 3 cards are just as note-worthy.

Thanks for your support of My Time to Craft!

Tuesday, 26 April 2022

MTTC #479 Top 3 Announcement

 #479 Theme of Springtime Insects Top 3 


The MTTC design team members have been trying to rotate turns for selecting and Mags B has narrowed the 23 entries down to these 3 for bragging rights:

 No 3 Chris N. with springtime 

 No 9 Jeni Mc  with butterflies

 No 22 Mandy  C. with birthday

Congrats to Mandy C, Jeni Mc, and Chris N!!! Fantastic entries and we appreciate your support of MTTC!

To the other 20 entries/creative artisans, we thank you for sharing the amazing talents you exhibit in your projects with us at My Time To Craft. 

We hope you all will find time to craft the unique current theme referred to as 'outdoor property markings'. Whatever is on the outside of  a house that helps define or mark the property like a fence, wall, gate, arbor, trellis, gazebo, etc. will work. 

Also our sister blog, MTTCChristmas, has a few days left in its current theme 'bells'-- cowbells, choir handbells, jingle bells, sleigh bells, etc. Can you find time to craft Christmas in the next couple of days?

My Time To Craft is soul-good, folks!!! It's my happy time. 

Hope to see your project entries at MTTC and MTTCC! 

We are thankful for you!

On behalf of owner Shell S, Mags, and the rest of the crew--Becca S/temporary manager and DT member

Friday, 22 April 2022

MTTC #480 Theme is Outdoor Property Markings

MTTC #480 Theme of Outdoor Property Markings

such as

Fences, Gates, Walls, Arbors etc.

*Some brainstorming thoughts: springtime gardens, farm scenes like horse corrals or ranch barbed wire fencing, neighbors talking at the fence, hedges or hedgerows grown to show property line, rock or brick or concrete block walls used to protect your garden or yard or property line, arbors, arches, trellises, gazebos, etc.

starts April 22-May 5, 2022

start and end time is same at 6am UK or 12am Central time/Chicago

MTTC's worldwide design team has made quite a creative variety for this theme: 

DT inspiration projects:

Mags B (card 1)


Mags B (Card 2)

Becca S (card 1)

Click on the below cropped scan of the pocket calendar painting image that has fencing to get a better look:

Becca S (card 2)

Meena Herale 

( fridge magnet )

That's right, crafty artisans, if you noticed that these projects for #480 don't have to be spring season looking. What can you work ahead on for a card needed in a few weeks or months? I can imagine sea shore dwellings with moorings and posts for boats. Backyard fencing for pets. Climbing rose or clematis on a trellis leaning against the house. A gazebo decorated for a birthday party. So many amazing possibilities with this theme. We look forward to seeing your submissions.

Participation for #480 starts at 12 am CST/Chicago or 6am UK time on Friday, April 22, 2022 and will end at the same times on Thursday, May 5, 2022.

The Inlinkz tool address will hold 50 entries. It will be monitored during the 13 days of competition and if time still remains a 2nd Inlinkz address will be added. Best wishes. Bragging rights for Top 3 will be selected after the competition period has ended. A separate blog posting will be made, so please check back for that.

Participation link for #480=


If you have time to craft Christmas, our sister blog MTTCC has 1 week left on its bell theme. And the cards can be Kwanza, Hanukkah, or even New Year's Day. We do accept other winter holidays celebrated in December and early January. The MTTCC link is shown in the sidebar of this blog. Hopefully we will see your bell themed projects over there. As of this writing, MTTCC only had 1 entry. We'd love to have more of you supporting this holiday themed blog.

Maria and Helen will be back with projects for #481. 

MTTC Design Team members' projects featured in #480 are;

Meena H., Granmargaret, Mags B, and Becca S


Friday, 8 April 2022

MTTC #478 Top 3 Announcement

 Announcement of Top 3 picks for MTTC's #478

Theme/Technique= use 3 or more layers

DT member Granmargaret reviewed all the entries from both Inlinkz addresses. She told me to mention that it was very difficult to select just 3!!! So thanks everyone for sharing your beautiful artistry with us!

Top 3 are by ordering in the link-ups:

First link up=

No 21 Alica

From 2nd link up=
No 4 Easter Day for Bunnies

Congrats to Alica, Ans, and Nancee!!! The bragging rights badge is located in the side bar of the blog for each of you to copy and paste add to your own blogs.

We are so very appreciative to all our participants supporting our crafting efforts at My Time To Craft challenge blog. 

If you have time to craft Christmas cards, our sister blog "My Time To Craft Christmas" has 1 more week left to its current challenge of "use 3 or more patterned papers". Check that out. We'd love to see your Christmas cards. There will be a new theme for MTTCC on April 15th. 

MTTC's #479 has been posted for 10+ hours and has the theme "springtime insects". DT projects are showing lots of butterflies and a few bees. There are thousands of insects to choose from. What will you feature on your project? Come and join us!

Thanks everyone! --DT member, Becca on behalf of owner Shell S and the rest of the DT 

MTTC #479 Theme is Springtime Insects

MTTC #479 Springtime Insects theme

April 8-21, 2022

start and end times are same at 6am UK or 12am Central Time USA/Chicago

Crafters: Find time to craft. What insect(s) will you choose to feature on your project?

Think about bees, ants, ladybugs, butterflies, moths, grasshoppers, dragonflies, and many more to put on your springtime cards/projects.

DT inspiration projects:

Becca S (ATC)



Becca S (card 1)

Becca S (card 2)

Meenaa Herale 


Lots of butterflies and a few bees from the design team, however the insect world is far more diverse. Which insect will you choose? Or will you have several together?

If this is your first time at My Time To Craft challenge blog, please read the rules and look around at the sidebar information and also at previous posts. We are excited for everyone's support. Participation has been very steady the past several months, so we appreciate that. Top 3 for #478 hasn't been announced yet. It will be shared in a separate short post so be sure to check back for that. 

Inlinkz address will accept 50 entries. I, Becca, the temporary manager will be monitoring how quickly (or slowly) the limit is reached. If and when, I will edit in a 2nd Inlinkz address. DT members will be checking and commenting on entries. 

1st fifty entries use this linked address:


Thanks for being here at MTTC! If you have time, please visit our sister blog, MTTCC, or My Time To Craft Christmas. Making Christmas holiday cards throughout the year is a terrific stress saver when November and December come. The blog address is shared in the sidebar. 

On behalf of MTTC and MTTCC owner, Shell S, and the Design Team, we appreciate your support.

Current DT members: Helen N, Meenaa H, Mags B, Granmargaret, Maria, & Becca S

Friday, 25 March 2022

MTTC #478 Theme is Technique Formatting of 3 or more Layers

 MTTC #478 Lots of Layers Theme--a minimum of 3

March 25-April 7, 2022

This is not a topic theme. It is a technique or format requirement. Show us your digital, hybrid, or handmade paper-crafted creations using 3 or more layers. It can be the papers. It can be dimensional layered embellishments. Or it can be a combination of papers and embellishments. But it needs to be noticeably obvious in your blog's main photo that there are 3 layers or more. 

DT inspiration projects for #478

Thanks so much to our world-wide design team for finding time to craft marvelous layered creations!

Meena (just 1 of her multi-layered tags)

Granmargaret used 7 layers

Meena Herale (#2 of 3)

Meena (#3 pic1)

Meena (#3 pic2 with reveal)

Jackie (looks like maybe 7 or more!)

Becca S (used 5 layers of papers)

Becca S (used 7 layers of papers)

Mags B

4 layers including the image mat (6 if you count the paper piecing!)

Card 2

Helen (5 layers)

These are fabulous! The DT members have shown different creative ways to achieve multiple layers on their tags and cards. Now it's your turn to show us crafted creations with 3 or more layers. Competition #478 is open for 13 days. It starts on Friday March 25, 2022 at 6 am UK (or 12 am CST/Chicago) and will end on Thursday April 7, 2022 at 6am UK (or 12 am CST/Chicago).

Use the Inlinkz tool address to submit your entry(-ies). This link will accept 50 entries. As temporary blog manager, I, Becca, will be monitoring throughout the week/s and will add a 2nd set if 50 entries has been reached before April 7th. Best wishes! 

Inlinkz address: THIS HAS REACHED ITS LIMIT. If you are #51+, use the next linked address, please. EDITED 10 am central time/Chicago on April 4th, 2022 by Becca


AFTER 9:50am central time/Chicago on Monday April 4, 2022 use this 2nd Inlinkz address for your entries:


Best wishes to all our #478 participants. If you've got time to visit our sister blog, My Time To Craft Christmas challenge blog, has 1 more week left on its tree theme Christmas cards. It can be 1 tree or a small grove or a larger forest scene. It can be a decorated holiday pine tree. There's a link to MTTCC on the sidebar. Hopefully we will see you over there with your winter holiday card(s)! 

My Time To Craft design team
Mags B
Marie (p.t.)
Janice (taking a break until June)
Shell (owner; taking a break)
Becca S

MTTC #477 Top 3 Announcement

 Great news! We had 64 total entries for MTTC's #477 Animal theme challenge!

It's my turn, Becca/DT, to select the Top 3 creations!

There were many that caught my attention however I narrowed my favorite to these 3. 

In numerical order, Top 3 bragging rights go to:

#26 Annie H/bear resting in the hammock

#47 Kelly S/golfing buddy

#60 or 2nd link-up set #10 Dewi/Journey with rabbit and carrots- a 2 page journal layout

The Top 3 badge is located in a sidebar of the blog, so please make sure to copy and paste it on your personal blogs, Annie H, Kelly S, and Dewi.

All entries were outstanding and we appreciate the support shown by amazing MTTC blog followers! Keep on finding time to craft! #478 will be released in about 3.5 hours. Please note: our sister blog, My Time To Craft Christmas still has 1 more week to go with its current theme #30 "Forest or Christmas Trees". It would be fantastic if you could find time to craft a Christmas card featuring a tree(s)! 

On behalf of MTTC & MTTCC owner, Shell S, the design team is grateful to our creatively brilliant participants.

Sunday, 13 March 2022

MTTC #476 Top 3 Announcement

 Great news! 42 entries participated in My Time To Craft's #476 Embossing theme challenge!

DT member Helen has selected the Top 3 entries. In numerical order, they are:

#2 Melanie H/snowflake card

#13 Christine/baby buggy card

#23 Debbie M/flower cluster card

These were outstanding entries! What a difficult decision with so many amazing creations and clever ways embossing folders and heat embossing powders were used! Our blog followers are always surprising us with their fabulous skills. Keep it going! New theme challenge #477 of animal(s) already has entries and we are looking forward to more amazement. 

Thanks, crafters! Well done!

Melanie H, Christine, and Debbie M = please copy and paste the Top 3 badge to display on your blogs. 

(sidebar of the blog)

Find time to craft for #477. 

MTTC Design Team

Friday, 11 March 2022

MTTC #477 Animal Theme Challenge

 MTTC #477 Theme is Animal(s)


March 11-24, 2022
What a broad topical choice this is! Millions of possibilities and combinations!
Our DT's inspiration projects are brilliantly reflecting the wide-range!
--even the occasions, layouts, and techniques!
Find time to craft this week!



card 1

card 2

Card 1

Card 2

Meena's taking a break and should be joining us again in time for #478. Janice is on break until June and Shell/owner is also on a well-deserved break. The rest of the DT crew has found time to craft and hope you join us for this general theme that offers limitless possibilities! We've used images of otter, geese/ducks, frogs, different bunnies, dog, wolf, bear, and bird. What animal(s) will you choose for your craft project?

#477 is open from March 11-March 24, 2022. Starting and ending times are 6am UK or 12 am CST.

Use the Inlinkz address posted next as your tool to participate. If this is your first time to submit, please read the MTTC blog rules first and we'd also want you to become a blog follower, too. Top 3 entries will be selected by a DT member after the competition has closed on March 24th. A separate announcement post will be made on the 24th or 25th. Thanks for supporting My Time To Craft challenge blog!

link to participate in #477= [50 entries reached with this one before 11pm CST Sunday March 20.]

***link to participate for entries #51+ after 11pm CST Sunday March 20, 2022 ****

Find time to craft one or more animal themed projects in the next 13 days!
Stay safe.
--Becca S and the rest of the MTTC DT crew